• Perform preventive maintenance ideally once a month.
  • Check electrolyte levels.
  • Add only distilled water to the level indicated.
  • While working wear eye protection for safety.
  • Tighten loose battery terminal clamps, cables etc.
  • Replace any battery cables that are corroding or swelling
  • Select a battery that match the specifications of your charging system and application.
  • Select battery with CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) performance that will meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Look for more Reserve Capacity (RC) or Amp Hours (AH) capacity.
  • Warranty and Replacement policies of the manufacturer.
  • Protect your car battery from high underhood temperatures.
  • Periodically check the State-of-Charge of car batteries.
  • Reduce the average DoD (Depth-of-Discharge) and the number of discharge/charge cycles.
  • Turn off all unnecessary accessories and lights before starting your car to decrease the load on the battery while cranking.

Have adequate ventilation, lighting and wear safety glasses for eye protection.

  • Before jump starting, please read the vehicle manufacturer manuals for specific instructions.
  • In cold climate ensure that the electrolyte is Not frozen in the dead battery.
  • Connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal post on the donor battery.
  • Connect the negative booster cable to a clean, unpainted area on the engine block or frame on the disabled vehicle.
  • Start the disabled vehicle and allow it to run at high idle.
  • Once the engine starts, disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order.

You may return your old batteries to automobile service stations, battery manufacturer, battery retailers or specified recycling centers.


Battery would take around 8-10 hrs. to charge with a 12A charger.

How long the battery lasts, depends on a number of things like:

  • Kerb weight of the vehicle.
  • The Battery Capacity
  • Load on the vehicle
  • Driving Conditions

The range of the vehicle Fitted with a 100Ah capacity battery can be 90-110km/ full charge.